Meet the Men and Lady of Hawkapella!

chris cutler.png

Chris Cutler '15, Music Director

Chris "The Music Man" Cutler is a senior studying Acoustics & Music. A lesser known descendent of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he is also an aspiring politician; using his charming looks and questionable motives to win the hearts of millions. In the daylight he enjoys frolicking, singing barbershop, playing the wonderfully cultured smash-hit computer game "trackMania", and no parents. In the evening, he is forced underground, for fear that his mom will discover him out past his bedtime (7:30pm weekdays, 8:15pm weekends).

conor hamill.png

Conor Hamill '15

Conor M. Hamill is an Actor Training major here at the Hartt School. He loves singin', dancin', actin' and partyin' till the night is through. He began his journey in a far off land called Newington. This distant land raised him proper to be a boisterous booming gentleman. His one wish is that all the world would flush their toilets at the same time, "I really just want to see what would happen, but we need every single person's cooperation," says Conor. Some notable performances are Brighella [The King Stag], The Man [Glengarry Glenn Ross], and Guy [Some Girl(s)]. His favorite Lyric in Hawkapella is "Guitar solo noises, buhduh bweh now now now".

andrew traylor.png

Andrew "Rusty" Traylor '15

Andrew Russell Traylor is a senior Musical Theatre major at Hartt. He’s really, really into sequins, spandex, and jazz hands. He used to live in Texas. Now he does not. He holds professional degrees in Bird Whistling, The Internets, and Facial Hair. He still does not understand what flavor Pink Lemonade actually is. In his spare time, he enjoys wearing heels and smoking cigars at the same time. 

Cameron MichaelJames Forman '17

Cameron Forman is a straight laced, no nonsense kind of guy. He is a sophomore Music Education major here at the Hartt School. His hobbies include telling people to stop smiling, reading non-fiction, and writing brief reviews of luxury suitcases. After declining an invitation to become a junior editor at SkyMall, Cameron decided to chase his dream of being a talk radio host. Unfortunately, he walked in to the wrong audition room, and was inducted into the inner sanctum of Hawkapella.

Steve Perrone.png

Steve (Pep)Perrone '17

Steve Perrone is a sophomore studying Acoustics and Music. He is liked because he is polite and rarely late. He likes to eat ice cream and really enjoys a nice pair of slacks. When he is not otherwise occupied, Steve likes to quote viral videos and make loud screeching noises, especially when it is considered inappropriate to do so. 

James Hara 2.png

James Hara '17

James Hara is now a sophomore in Hillyer College. He comes from the town known as West Hartford, and has sung in an a cappella group for 3 years in high school. He's super excited to be a part of Hawkapella and one day aspires to be as cool as the other guys in the group and join them in the Hartt school after a year or two. Along with singing, he plays as a receiver for the UHart Club Football team. He's pretty f***ing awesome. 'Nuff said.

David Abunaw.png

D(avid) Abunaw '17

David Ako Abunaw III is a sophomore (or so we think) at the University of Hartford. He is an International Studies major in A&S. When he's not singing, you can find him on the soccer field wearing #21 for the Hartford Hawks. In addition, he also speaks French and has dance moves for days. He's the type of guy that every girl wants to bring home to her family. As long as Dabunaw is happy, the world is happy.

Lucy D'Angelo

Hawkamom, Manager, & Booking Agent

Lucy D'Angelo is a Junior in the School of Communications studying Advertising and Public Relations. She is also Head of Marketing for the A Cappella Coalition, as well as a desk attendant in one of the freshman complexes. She is not afraid to give a time-out when one of the Hawkamen cause trouble...So beware.