Meet the Men and Lady of Hawkapella!

Members are listed in order of age. Enjoy reading about us.

Steve Perrone.png

Steve (Pep)Perrone, '17
Musical Director

Steven M. Perrone Jr (A.K.A. Pepp Pepp, Pepperoni, Perrone, SteveyP, or Sgt. Pepperrone) is a senior (for real this time) studying English Literature. Steven wasn’t sure that he wanted to make the arduous forty-five minute trek from his home town of Waterbury four times a year to come to Hartford, but in the end decided that it was worth it. That was when he discovered the wonderful phenomenon that is all-male a Capella. In his spare time, Perrone enjoys being mediocre at the guitar, eating, sleeping, and pretending to be productive while actually just making noises that slightly resemble percussion or animal mating calls. Just ask Cam. 


Sara Weiner, '18


Sara Weiner is a Junior in the Hartt School of Music studying Performing Arts Management. She is a desk attendant for one of the freshman complexes and in her other free time she watches the Flash and Arrow simultaneously. Sara hopes to work in the music industry one day. She takes care of all mom-related tasks for the Hawkadudes - except changing diapers. 


Cameron MichaelJames Forman, '17

Cameron Forman is a straight laced, no nonsense kind of guy. He is a senior (I guess...) Music Education major here at the Hartt School. His hobbies include telling people to stop smiling, reading non-fiction, and writing brief reviews of luxury suitcases. After declining an invitation to become a junior editor at SkyMall, Cameron decided to chase his dream of being a talk radio host. Unfortunately, he walked in to the wrong audition room, and was inducted into the inner sanctum of Hawkapella.


James Hara, '17

James Hara is now a senior studying Audio Engineering. He comes from the town known as "West Hartford." Besides being in his third year in Hawkapella, he is a brother of Alpha Sigma Phi at the University and can sleep for up to 13 hours in a day. April 20th of any year is usually a good day for him. Basically, he's pretty f***ing awesome. 'Nuff said.

Ben Ashley, '17


Benjamin Davis Ashley Jr. is a senior Civil Engineer major. Legend has it there is a magical chord out there that will cause Ben to emerge from his mortal shell and become a super hero. A super hero with the ability to change his voice into any instrument he desires. Ben enjoys long walks on the beach and As the current Hawkauthority he would reiterate his favorite childhood quote: "Don't make empty threats" -Anonymous


James Pecsok, '17
Assistant Musical Director

James Pecsok is a Junior Music Education saxophoner at Hartt. He emerged from the depths of the magical land of Vermont. He enjoys driving his tractor and wearing flannel. James is currently employed as lumberjack by some guy who lives down the road from him. He spends his extra time performing at the local farmers’ markets or for the neighborhood cows.  Now in Hartford he has transferred his farming and hunting skills to the track team where javelin is his specialty.  James is survived by two beautiful saxophones.


Evan Dallas, '17

Evan Dallas is a junior at the University of Hartford.  Born in a log cabin in the middle of suburban upstate New York, he grew up with a song in his heart and sideburns as long as the day.  After a brief stint at Catholic School, he came to the University of Hartford.  He enjoys long walks on the beach, and sitting.  Evan is a cinema major with dreams of becoming a waiter, or, God willing, a maitre d' at a 2 to 3-Star restaurant.


Ford Draper, '17

Ford D. Draper is a senior studying advertising and PR at the UHa School of Communication. Ford is 6'8, and also a descendant of Scottish royalty and legend, dating all the way back to the late 1700’s when his great-great-great-great grandfather, a high-ranking official in the Scottish clans, was caught by the English who then had him drawn, quartered, hung by the neck, and beheaded, then had his 7 sons banished to the new world of America, never to return. In Ford’s free time, he enjoys making oven-baked ribs, watching Rick Steve’s Europe reruns, and listening. 


Keith Sisterhenm, '18

Keith Sisterhenm is a sophomore Trombone Performance Major. During the day, when he's not tootin' on the brass, he likes to write music, talk in weird voices, and make random noises. At night he fights crime dressed as a giant rodent named the Raticator, and his favorite catch phrase is, "Ima make cheese outta cheese...". When not being a weirdo or fighting crime, he enjoys shooting arrows out of a stick with string and climbing rocks with colorful handles.


John White, '18

John White is doing college for the third time and is the major where they take pictures but the pictures move like in Harry Potter or gifs. With death still 43 years away, John finds himself enjoying the prime of his life singing and making drum sounds, both done by using his mouth. He has been making noises since the age of twelve, so he is pretty good by now. In fact, if this were DDR, he would be given a "C". Because let's be real, it was impossible to get higher than a "C" in DDR unless you did a level above beginner. And John's only been walking since like fourteen so that isn't likely. John also likes throwing things at things for science. Fin. 


Stephen DeRosa, '19

Stephen is a Freshman, and attends the University of Hartford for mechanical engineering. His hobbies are singing, acting, and playing hockey. He recently found out that winking turns off 98% of women, so he needs to find another game plan. Stephen is known as a "Bad Ass" because in day care, he had the cops called on him for resisting arrest. Stephen is more than thrilled to be a part of the good-looking group of men they call "Hawkapella."


Josh Karam, '19

This is a Josh Karam. It's species is a descendant of the Karambe! Karambe's in their second year most commonly pursue Music Theater. This magnificent creature at the break of day can be found commencing tap rituals to the chants of Kayne West or KC and the Sunshine Band. As the day pursues on a Karam is most comfortable with a Subway sandwich huddled around the heat of a Mac book. Before the day is up a Karam will partake in singing while embracing the presence of other men. A Karam seems to enjoy this!


Isaac Gadikian, '20

Isaac is a sophomore majoring in Acoustical Engineering and Music Performance with a concentration in Double Bass. A native of Buffalo, NY, Isaac obviously loves Mighty Taco, chicken wings, and Loganberry. Isaac has always loved dill pickles and always will. Isaac enjoys sailing, waterskiing, and anything involving the narwhal. When asked what he thinks of the current state of the economy, all Isaac said was, “I still be diggin’ on James Brown.” Isaac one day aspires to hold a world record for longest escalator ride.


Peter Morgan, '19

Peter Morgan is currently a sophomore studying Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is from a small town in Connecticut called Wolcott. It’s a “moo” town, kinda rural, but maybe just the “m” cause the cows haven’t surpassed the population there yet. In his spare time, he enjoys to do all kinds of things like singing and dancing, having fun, and his unhealthy obsession with the company Apple, which he one day wants to dominate the world running.


Yona Simonson '20

Yona Simonson (A.K.A. Yohan) is a freshman studying Acoustical Engineering and Music with a concentration in Jazz Piano. He hails from the sacred land of cows known as Sharon, Massachusetts. He boasts 15 years of faithful service to the Cows, and when he isn’t doing their holy bidding, he enjoys serenading strangers, climbing over large rocks, smirking, and nurturing his inner Alan Menken, whom he hopes to succeed as the Disney god of music.