Meet the Men and Lady of Hawkapella!

Members are listed below. Enjoy reading about us.


Isaac Gadikan '2o

Musical Director


Ally Becker '21


Ally Becker is a junior vocal music education major at the Hartt school. She is in Delta Gamma and is an avid kombucha drinker and croc wearer, yes she owns 5 pairs of crocs. She hopes to be an elementary school music teacher when she grows old, so what better position then taking care of a bunch of singing boys! Taking care of all the hawkadudes includes feeding, burping, booking and laughing and she’s loving every minute of it. 



David Sirna ‘20

David Sirna is a composer and vocalist that enjoys writing and performing music. His favorite pastime is spoon whittling and enjoys racing stick-boats down by the creek with the soggy bottom boys. His stick-boats are the fastest and ain’t no one from Cripple Creek County going to tell him different. He enjoys playing banjo on the wood fence next to the old oak tree beside the main road before sunset. You can find David making stick boats and playing banjo on the wood fence next to the old oak tree beside the main road before sunset. His favorite color is Prussian Blue and he dislikes the word “yikes”.  


Yona Simmison, '20

Yona Simonson is a Senior studying Acoustical Engineering and Music (allegedly). According to recent reports, he can be found outside, waiting quietly to be let in. His hobbies include smirking, and other facial gesticulations. He hopes to one day to fill the void in America’s childhood left by Toys R Us, so he’s starting small with Hawkapella.


Josh Karam, '19


My name is Josh Karam. And I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary Senior Music Theater Major. But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs and Hawkapella, I fight crime and make the world of singing without instruments a safer place. But With this power given to me I must be a nimble authority and protect the members of Hawkapella From the evils that may slip in through the coalition! I make a promise to my director and companions in crime to save the world from accompaniment and allow the natural voice to prevail! I am the HawkaFlash.


Edmund Reed Rogers the 4th, '21
Assistant Musical Director

Never heard of him. In fact I think this whole Edmund Rogers guy is a bunch of made up hooblah by the big wigs over at Time Warner. “ Edmund is a sophomore music education major and the assistant  to the director for hawkapella” sounds like some bogus news to me. “ in his spare time Edmund loves to Cook, Hike, and perform with  Improv troupe on campus?” Don’t make me laugh. “Edmund Is excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of me for the second year in a row” how fake can you get.  Give it a rest buddy, Edmund Rogers is an old spinster’s tale, you know it, I know it, Everybody knows it…


Tom Atkins, '20

Tom Atkins is a senior studying Audio Engineering at the University of Hartford. It hasn’t been an easy journey for Tom. He was born a poor, black child in Colchester, Connecticut. His greatest accomplishments in life are his 32 YouTube subscribers, his lucky autographed glow in the dark snorkel, and that one time someone offered him a baby pig as a tip for delivering their chinese food. Tom is also extremely proud to be TIME Magazine’s 2006 Person Of The Year. In his free time, Tom enjoys listening to vinyls, having existential nightmares, and basket weaving. Often referred to as ‘having a face made for radio’, he’s excited to continue this new journey in his life.


Liam Maloney, '19

Liam Maloney is a senior Mechanical Engineering Acoustics major. When he's not singing in Hawkapella, you can find him cleaning his various winter coats, playing Super Smash Bros Melee, and of course, loving his mama ;) His favorite drink is tall, cold, refreshing glass of water


Nathan Murphy, '20

Nathan Murphy is a singer who most usually but not any different from prior to his time at the other place that was a little bit different, not that much as to so much so say that you could tell. He join this group the 3rd Thursday in March of 2017 after in which he was most often happiness to sing with the group of men he thought to be aggressively average homo sapiens. You ever thought that you had but you really didn’t even though you might have done that thing people said was soooo you but you were like “mom that’s so embarrassing” but you end up doing it because you secretly like it. That’s what we call Hawkapella and I’m proud to be apart of this group.


Brennan Griffin, '21

Brennan “Moist French Fry” Griffin was a bright spot for Hawkapella. In his time, he contributed a great deal to the group. Many have said that he was “possibly the world’s greatest singer.” Instead of sending an invitation to join the group, the entirety of Hawkapella swore their allegiance to Brennan because his voice sounded “like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus.” Hawkapella has taken an oath of silence to honor him as no voice can reach the orgasmic quality of his voice. Brennan’s goal in life was to become a writer for film, fiction, and comedy. He will be remembered for his humor, capacity to love, and that time he fit his whole fist in his mouth. Brennan sadly has not passed away, but it’s easier for everyone to just pretend he did.


William Reilly ‘21

Here, the wild William Reilly hunts in his natural habitat, the Hartt School. William is a Sophomore in the Actor Training pride. This young male has migrated from the distant deserts of Las Vegas to this new watering hole where now he can be found eating, sleeping, and conversing with his fellow actors about other males he can pounce on ;) . At night, he is either reciting words from whatever play he is in or he is singing with beautiful men until the wee hours of the night.


Tanner Bosse, '22

Weighing in at a hefty 107 pounds, Tanner is a sophomore seeking to reinvent the game as part of Hawkapella. Hailing from [REDACTED], Connecticut, Tanner describes his dance style as “all the wrong moves in all the wrong places,” obviously a prime example of the confidence needed to sing in front of large groups. When he isn’t with the boys, Tanner can be found in the commuter lounge just kinda sitting there, probably reading the newspaper like he’s trying to study Politics & Government or something.